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The UN- Globalist

The external narrative of a globalist (which by the way is a political progressive) is someone who desires the world to be fair, a place where people care about one another; where social justice, climate change, racial equality are priorities and health and safety remain preeminent. It all sounds so nice, doesn’t it?

However, the reality has to do with taking away national sovereignty so no one nation has the upper hand, economically, militarily, governmentally, or spiritually. After all, it’s not fair that America should have so much and others so little is it? If we can shut down economies, close houses of worship, ignore election fraud, create a fear narrative that doesn’t equal the facts (please don’t debate me with the science here as the mainstream narrative doesn’t even agree) and quiet the dissenters who are asking legitimate questions, we can create a world where a few have the power.

It’s interesting that those at the top of the food chain actually believe the rest of us aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves; that we somehow don’t care about people’s safety or the environment; are pandemic deniers and should be labeled as rebellious pipsqueaks and conspiracy theory numskulls. The fact is they know we are smart and intentionally created a way to cause us to bow and remove our influence to the back of the line.

Control is not hard to obtain after years of marination in subtle language adjustments or doublespeak where words can change meaning just by labeling someone a bad person if you don’t agree with the popular characterization of current culture.

Here’s a fact: If we don’t start pushing back at some of the ridiculous acts of superiority, it will be really easy to go from a mask mandate, to a vaccine mandate, to a money mandate, to an economic mandate… you get the picture, I hope.

It’s time for us to see the big picture here and stop thinking this will all end if we don’t have a say in ending it. We can no longer be led like sheep to the slaughter so do what you feel is necessary and make a difference. All it takes is one to stand up and say enough is enough. We need an awakening in all areas of culture like none other in history. I’m moving forward and not backward in 2021. YOU move and someone else will move with you.


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