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Why They Hate Donald Trump

Let me begin by saying this is not a political article or a pro-Trump exposition to support some personal opinion. The name Donald Trump evokes a frenzy of positive or negative emotions among various groups of people and trying to convince any segment of our culture one way or the other is proving to be an exercise in futility. So please, no arguments in the comments. The question does need to be asked, however, why this man, unlike previous presidents, has such vicissitudal hatred directed toward him, his family, and administration.

I’ve been asked by well-meaning people how Christians can support a man who appears to openly attack his enemies, has a questionable moral history, can’t seem to control responses toward those who disagree with him, and has frequent twitter rants. The typical response is to remind people we were not electing a pastor but a leader of public policy. Christians do agree with his pro-life, pro-Christianity, pro-business, and family approach. It is rather disingenuous for Christians then, to call out what they see in Trump and then use the same temperament toward him-especially when the bible clearly tells us to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2) and not to speak evil of the ruler of the people (Acts23:5). Others would suggest this anger is directed at the loss of the presidency to a man who polls suggested could not win, denying the first woman, the highest office in the land.

All of this, however, does not go to the root of the issue. There is something off the radar that most do not see and individuals intentionally do not want us to see. We hear politicians and those in the media tell us we don’t have much time left and have been given a specific timeframe by some of 12 years. Most of us roll our eyes and assume those are rantings of people who simply want a platform such as @Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This may not be the case. The hatred of Donald Trump is not about the man, but an agenda. Agenda 21. Never heard of this? Neither had I until I began to look at a plan the United Nations intends to enforce here and around the world by 2030. Look it up here:…/sustainable-development-goals/

Agenda 21 was the result of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janerio Brazil in 1992 where 178 governments agreed on 17 action steps to supposedly improve conditions for the human race around the world.

On the surface, it looks like helpful, but a deeper examination starts to bring into focus forced vaccinations, (which require a virus type of event) LGBTQIA rights, climate change legislation, sustainable development, which is a code word for limiting carbon emissions and reducing our ability to lead as a nation on energy production. It also includes the eventual elimination of plastic use, doing away with responsible tree harvesting, (which will increase construction costs), and better human rights which really means limiting Christian positions which seem so restrictive in favor of a code word called tolerance which is actually legitimization.

Agenda 21 also includes lobbying world political leaders to get them on board or face public ridicule, lies, impeachment, and destruction of any future government or financial influence. In short, it is about world domination by a select few; i.e. the Aristocracy or rulers; and the rest of us who can’t think for ourselves who are the Proletariat or the ruled. What’s interesting about this is that no nation will lead as we all must be equal. Certainly, no America first agenda as that would be anathema to those in charge.

It follows not just a socialist but communist platform that entirely remakes this nation into something unrecognizable. Groups such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter (which by the way is not about justice, healing, or black lives at all but is a left-wing, pro-LGBTQIA political organization that doesn’t care about anyone’s life except perpetuating their own agenda as a political party. Had they really cared about life, they would have called out all the rioting and loss of life of African Americans in some of the largest cities of America) or other angry organizations are promoted as they don’t want America to thrive but be thrown on the chopping block of history and go the way of other lawless countries as it wouldn’t be fair for one nation to have the advantage over another.

In addition, all we are seeing right now from the local to the federal level with certain mayors and governors ordering unlawful mandates is not primarily about safety or health but control and an ultimate globalist platform that falls in line with Agenda 21.

If you haven’t noticed, the efforts of the Trump administration to expose the vast network of human traffickers, which it seems are at the highest levels of authority around the world and reveal other secret things that have remained hidden for years are being challenged because well-known people can’t have their concealed life exposed. Think the narrative is really about the president and some conspiracy theory? Not on your life. The efforts to continually shut down the strongest economy in the world is not about a virus but to keep the president from being re-elected; because another four years of Donald Trump, will, in their minds, totally destroy this globalist, lawless, communist plan that was working quite nicely among traditional politicians and a gullible citizenry.

All the talk of President Trump endangering the world by exiting the Iranian nuclear deal, leaving the WHO or other controversial decisions is nothing more than globalist doublespeak to make us think we are on a dangerous path when in fact it was another nail in their scheme.

I know for some it’s very difficult to see why Donald Trump is President but that’s because they look at the man. We must look at the purpose beyond the man. His election may have been the greatest act of grace to America in the last 100 years as it put a halt on the globalist cabal. We have been like lambs led to the slaughter and must ask ourselves how long we’re going to give in to the manipulation and control.

Christians were told to remove themselves from the political process, and just as long as we stayed silent behind our powerless, 4 walled church institutions and remained culturally correct, we could all get along. In that void, evil people took our place and we are just beginning to see that elections really do have consequences as local and state leaders who have gone on power trips are testing how far they can actually push their dark agendas. Not anymore.

We must have people of moral, political, and social courage who are not afraid to operate with power from the Kingdom of God that goes beyond mere words but has the authority of heaven to bring about nationwide awakening that gets us out of the ditch we are in.

Want to know what to do? In George Orwell’s book, 1984, He says “Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.” Well, there’s more than one of us. Ask yourself what makes you glad, what makes you mad, and what makes you cry, and you’ll find the personal mission you’ve been created for. Ask God for courage and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Now let’s get to it.

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