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Israel, Gaza, The Palestinians and an Embassy

One of the interesting realities of history is that what has happened in prior years is not up for debate. Even though historical revisionists attempt to change facts, the facts of history remain concrete and only require some research to ascertain the truth. This is especially true when it comes to the nation of Israel. Many American Christians confuse politics with prophecy. They frame opinions about Israel based on government policies rather than the promises of God that have yet to be fulfilled- hence they knowingly or unknowingly become anti-Semitic and forget God’s eternal word to the Jewish people and adopt a theology that replaces Israel with the church. The fact remains that God promises to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. One does not have to agree with all the politics to be a supporter of the Jewish state.

One of the great confusions has to do with the original land grant to Israel given by God to the Jewish people. As you can see by the illustration, the promised land goes from the Mediterranean Sea over to the Euphrates river in Iraq, down into Saudi Arabia, part of Egypt and up into Northern Syria. Long before there was a group called the Palestinians, Arab Muslims or a place called Gaza, God had granted the land to the Nation of Israel and at present, are not occupying someone else’s land but property that was originally theirs, given to them by God himself.

At one time, Israel was the most powerful country in the world under King David and Solomon. The Kingdom split under Solomon’s Son Rehoboam and would eventually go into exile; The Northern Kingdom would be conquered in 721 BC by the Assyrians and the Southern Kingdom would finally be overtaken by the Babylonians in 586 BC. From that time on, Israel would be controlled by various nations until 1948 with the reestablishment of an Independent Jewish State. This was not simply the result of Great Britain, a Balfour declaration or America’s involvement. This was literally the beginning of biblical, prophetic fulfillment that according to the bible, will culminate with Jesus setting up his earthly Kingdom in the city of Jerusalem.

That’s why the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem is more than a political act. It is the unseen hand of God guiding decisions that will result in the favor of God to the Jewish people and the worldwide influence of the Kingdom of God. So, let’s not revise history and confuse politics with prophecy. Governments come and go but one day all government will rest on the shoulders of Jesus; and if he is going to choose Jerusalem as His earthly headquarters, we should be okay to support the country of its location.

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