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What if?

What if it was God’s time for a supernatural invasion of our lives, families, churches and region? What if on God’s calendar of supernatural events, it is God’s hour for a “suddenly from Heaven?

Imagine that the Holy Spirit was poured out from heaven and those who are far away from God came running back to Jesus; Imagine that lukewarm and worldly Christians turned their hearts again to an ever-merciful savior and found the Joy of their salvation? The question is not “Is this the will of God” for “God is one big revival.” The question must be “Is it our desire? Are we willing?” Can we adjust our schedules, will we prioritize his will in spite of our plans and clear the agenda for God to move?

There have been many a revival near miss in history because we wanted God on our terms and not his and were too busy to let go and let God. Are we willing to let his hand have free reign and rearrange our intentions for his?

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